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Historic towns and villages


Below you will find 3 comprehensive guides on the magical villages, picturesque towns and the reach history of the Marche regions. Just press the PFD symbol to open the relevant guide.


The following Italian towns and villages in Marche are listed among the 'most beautiful villages in Italy': Cingoli / Corinaldo* / Esanatoglia / Gradara* / Grottammare* / Matelica / Montecassiano* / Montefabbri* / Montefiore dell'Aso / Montelupone* / Moresco* / Offida* / San Ginesio / Sarnano / Treia* / Visso*


We especially recommend you to visit the following towns/villages: 

  1. Tour the following villages which are walking distance from the Villa: Castel Santa Maria, Vasconi, Catel Sant'Angelo and other villages which are just outside the gates of the villa.

  2. Visit the Historical towns Sarnano and Amandola (on your way stop at the many picturesque villages on the way). Sarnano in Le Marche is a bustling, perfectly preserved jewel of a medieval town and has been, named one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. You can plan to visit those towns at the market days (see shopping section in the website).

  3. Matelica

  4. Fabriano - the town itself has many monuments, churches, picturesque piazzas and palaces of historical interest to enjoy. More information:

  5. Camerino; Information about the town:

  6. Asisi

  7. Jesi - Set among the hills and vineyards of the region, Jesi is best known for it's medieval centre and the sturdy walls and towers that surround the town, with defensive fortifications dating from its 14th century heyday as centre of a small independent state. More information:



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