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Click on the PDF for more details

Click on the PDF for more details

The villa area is characterized by nature and forests, historical magical villages, local restaurants with fine dining, shopping otlets and lots of activities. Here are our recommendations on a nutshell:



For centuries, the celebration of local food and wine has taken place throughout the year in the towns and villages of Marche. You can find fish caught off the Marche coast to locally grown fruits and vegetables, and every kind of meat you can think of, all prepared differently by each village and town. This means that you will be able to sample all the regions fabulous variety of cuisine.


Our recomendations (but there are many more wonderful restaurants in the area): 

  • Il Colle del Sole Farmhouse - Loc. Colletenuto, 62024 Matelica (MC); Tel: 0737 787989;

  • Il Casato  (Italian Cusine) - Loc. Vasconi 11/A Castelraimondo (MC); Tel: 0737642077 / 3406187074

  • Osteria Del Borgo - XX settembre, 83 Castelraimondo 62022 (MC); Tel: 0737 685164; 




  • GAGLIARDI Viniard - Via A.Merloni, 5 62024 Matelica (MC); Tel: 0737.85611; ;



Marche is a shoppers paradise! To only take home a souvenir from your visit would mean that you have missed out on some of Italy’s finest shopping experiences. Products vary from handmade crafts to specialist outlet warehouses (that include the most famous fashion brands, with prices to suit all budgets).


Below some links to some of the region's finest shopping experiences: 

  • Armani Outlet shopping - Shopping outlet; Add:Via Ottoni 7, Matelica, Le Marche.
  • Tod's S.p.a Outlet; Add: Corso Garibaldi 134, 63019 Sant'Elpidio a Mare, Ascoli Piceno, Marche. 





Hiking & Nature trekking

  • The villa is located in a green area with plenty of nature, within walking distance of ancient magical villages and you can travel in the area for many hours - from short and easy trips to long and challenging trips.


  • The Sibillini Mountains National Park (Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini) lies in Italy's Central Apennines, between Umbria and Le Marche. The area is superb for walkers, offering an excellent variety of landscapes and terrain, with good accessibility to some high peaks. Here are some English-language guides (press the PDF symbol)  for a selection of the best walks in and around the Park which are also closed to the Vila.

    • For more information and further walk enter the following website: Sibillini-walks 

    • The guide contains detailed walk descriptions and a sketch map to be used in conjunction with the 1:25,000 scale Park map ('MONTI SIBILLINI - Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini CARTA DEI SENTIERI - Scala 1:25.000) which is widely available for purchase within the Park.


1.  Beautiful Trek around Lago Di Fiastra (7.5 km, 2 hours): This route climbs the hills to the south of the man-made Lago del Fiastrone, then descends into the small town of Fiume at the west end of the lake, before returning along the lake shore.


2. Monte Frascare circuit (13 km, 5 hours): This walk climbs into the hills to the East of Lago del Fiastrone in the North of the park. Along its route you can appreciate wonderful views North and West, out of the Park and towards Umbria and other Apennine hills, as well as South into the heart of the Sibillini range and East over Le Marche to the coast. You pass through high meadows which have a profusion of flora in late spring and through lovely woodlands of beech and holm oak.   


3. Monte la Banditella from Cupi (14 km, 5 hours): This walk makes use of a detour in the Anello long distance path, where it goes slightly out of its way to visit Cupi, to form a circular route in the North-West of the National Park. Being on the edge of the mountain range, you can enjoy superb views over into Umbria. But this route also has a mountain feel, as you approach the massive of Monte Rotondo, and overlook the pretty valley of the Rio Sacro. ​​

Click on the PDF for more details

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